How to Use Social Media

Across countries and cultures, educators have begun to utilize social media within their classes.  While some use it to build a sense of community within the class, others use it as a dynamic part of their lessons and have seen increased levels of student engagement.


Classroom Use of Social Media Platforms


Whether you use it to tweet out homework and reminders or whether you have your students tweet as historical figures, or integrate it, Twitter is a powerful tool.  GroupTweet, although a paid app, will ensure privacy of your class.


VoiceThread allows students to post video, and then present it to others with a voice over. Excellent for private practice for developing necessary presentation skills. Students can collaborate then watch and comment on each others work.


Instagram can be used in lessons in a myriad of ways.  Click here to see a quick literature assignment which has students reading for detail while collaborating with others.


Research has proved that students "understand and can remember the complex concepts much better when they are exposed to a visual explanation video" (Hamid & Chtouki, 2012)


Blogs are great for self expression, for explaining why experiments worked, helping improve classroom dynamics and interaction and building literacy skills.  Teachers use blogging as a tool from K-12 and beyond.


FlipGrid allows teachers to assign a topic and allow students to respond with video and review their response and those of their classmates.  It gives every student a voice in the classroom.


Social Media can Strengthen the School Community

Building Digital Community

Meet the Singing Superintendent

There are many ways to build a sense of community. Sometimes, it can be simple humor, which shows that school has a fun and loving atmosphere, a good place to grow. And example of this is Brent Hoesing, Superintendent of Missouri Valley, IA, who has spiced up the way he announces snow days through YouTube. He dubs his own lyrics over popular songs like “Ice, Ice, Baby”, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, “Uptown Funk” and more. His announcements are so popular that he’s become an internet sensation, nicknamed the “Singing Superintendent.”