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Please reach out and contact me if you have any questions about Social Media or its role in education.  There is much for all of us to learn.  I look forward to hearing your comments.

Jean Palmer-Smith


My name is Jean Palmer-Smith.  I have worked as an educator, in many capacities, for over 17 years. For the most part, I have always taught a blend of English Literature and Adobe Software.  For many years, I taught a course entitled Reading through Technology in Boca Raton, Florida.  This course infused lesson plans with different types of digital media and contributed to the success of many struggling learners through elevated engagement.

Now, I currently teach Creative Digital Media at a Technical High School in Brunswick Maine.  As such, I incorporate digital media in a variety of different ways.  Our class, due to the current pandemic, is held in Google Classroom/Google Meets, with half of the students remote at all times. My students post their research and projects in Google Stream and discuss each other’s work daily. This has been interesting as I have noted the depth and level of input has increased using this method rather than oral discussion.

In addition, I communicate with my students through Twitter and often Snapchat them examples of art which correlates with the current topic. I find this increases their engagement in the class.  They post their completed work in their portfolios on Adobe Behance, a portfolio sharing site, and I select their best work and post it on the school Instagram account so they can get “liked” and read what others have to say about their artwork. Social Media when used thoughtfully can make a vast contribution to the class dynamics.

I love to learn.  In addition to a degree in English Literature and another in Graphic Design, I am now pursuing my Master’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in New Media. 



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